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Let’s start by admitting that I find so many things in this world strange. One of those things is why men and women dress so differently? I can understand that the female and male body shape are different, but this would only explain a small amount of the differences.

These are the kind of differences that I have encountered:

  • Women wear tight clothing, while men rarely do (think of skinny jeans, certain dresses and a lot of other clothing that assumes the body shape).
  • Women wear certain of loose clothing that a less defined shape when compared with men’s clothing (think of certain tops or other upper body wear).
  • Some women’s clothes have intentional folds or other features not strictly required for the clothing.
  • Women’s clothes sometimes have so called “detailing”, little things that are added to the clothing to make it look different. Lace is one those things.
  • Women’s clothing on average has more nakedness around the “cleavage” area.
  • There are whole classes of clothing assumed to be for women only in (my) culture, pantyhoses/tights, dresses, skirts, high heeled shoes and a lot more things that I simply don’t know the name of.
  • Women’s clothing seems to cover every colour of the rainbow, while men’s clothing is more limited in it’s colours.
  • A lot of floral patterns, butterfly patterns or other graphics depicting nature are often restricted to women’s clothing, while men seem to be stuck with some graphic with stupid text of some arbitrary company name and a date it was established.

You probably get the picture.

What has happened here is that clothing, which certainly isn’t a body part or an inherent property of being a male or female, has been polarized. This is I think is due to the relations men and women have had over the course of history. It was typically the women’s job to do the initial attracting of the man, this combined with the fact that men were there to provide resources for the women/family has led to the situation that women are viewed as objects sometimes, while men are sometimes viewed as tools/resources to be used.

Objects are valued by their appearance, while tools are valued by their usefulness.

This all I could come up with while writing this, I personally don’t mind what people wear, sometimes I see clothing or other aspects of appearance which make me look for a second, but then I realize that my own actions cause similar responses in other people. One day I hope it doesn’t really matter what people wear. But in order to do this we must become aware of this, it won’t happen automatically if you consider the current situation as normal. This massive male/female polarization (far beyond the scope of the very real biological differences) needs to be rebalanced before men and women can meet as equals and this clothing thing is just one of the many symptoms of inequality.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, please comment if you have something on your mind that you want to share.


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