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Men going their own way

Men going their own way, or MGTOW in short, is a form of mens rights activism (MRA). In some ways you could describe them as the separatists of the MRA. They are critical of the interactions between men and women, much like the separatist elements of (radical) feminism.

I personally believe in the middle way, but in order to understand the middle you need understand both extremes. Some really excellent videos can be on youtube, the following users are good starting points:



Realize that there are also a few rare very interesting female supporters of the MGTOW, but the fact they more attention than then the equally interesting males is part of the problem. So be critical of this, much in the same way that men amongst radical feminists can be a problem, women amongst MGTOW are to be mistrusted to some extend.

MGTOW offer a critical view on the male side of things, so it’s definately worthwhile to watch a few (dozen) videos to broaden your horizon.

This is all for, hopefully you’ll find some nice videos to watch.


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In this day and age we still sometimes hear people saying that women and children should go first in case of an emergency. While I can understand children, I do find it disturbing that women are prioritized over men regardless of circumstances.

Some of the reasons I’ve heard or read about (over the course of time) why women should be prioritized:

  • They are weaker creatures that need special privilege.
  • They have the ability to procreate.
  • They are the primary caretakers of children.

Let’s start with the first, while females on average are physically weaker than males, this difference is not day and night and most women should be capable of (for example) swimming. There might be exceptions when it comes to people who are obese or otherwise unhealthy, but such exceptions also exist amongst men.

Females indeed possess the ability create new human beings, but in this day and age where the planet is overpopulated, is this even relevant? The human race is not struggling to survive as it was long ago in our evolutionary past, so there is no need to value reproductive capability this highly.

Both male and female are capable of caring for children, prioritizing a female simply because she might be a parent is not justified. Plenty of females don’t have children, so it would be unfair to males to prioritize them. Prioritizing at least one caretaker of a child is justified, prioritizing more than one is open for debate as it is not strictly necessary for the survival of the child.

I realize that in this post I’m referring to males and females, leaving out the rather sensitive topic of women who are genetically male and vice versa. This is a topic for another post. Until then this is all I have to write.

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