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I know the title is a bit a provocative, but that is intended. What I want to talk about is an observation or at least a suspicion that females have a natural/biological inclination to solving problems in groups, rather than the more individual “hide in cave” approach that males tend to have.

The only half decent explanation I’ve seen is that females release a hormone called oxytocin when talking, and more importantly, during stressful situations. This triggers the so called tend and befriend response as opposed to the fight or flight response which is more common in males. It’s not that males do not have oxytocin, it’s just that they have less estrogen and more testosterone, which reduces the effect when compared with females.

This may be one of the many reasons that females are more group oriented than males. The differences are probably rooted in evolution. The tend and befriend mechanism probably allowed more offspring to survive, in some situations there is strength in numbers.

What I want you to consider the possibility that females are more collective/group oriented even when they claim to be strong and independent. That is not to say there aren’t exceptions. It’s just food for thought, to highlight that despite good intentions when it comes to equality between the sexes we must not forget that there are real differences. It requires awareness before we can even consider going beyond our biological differences.

I’ve found this link interesting to read. This is all for now and until we meet again.


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