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Are we afraid of silence?

There are two kinds of silence, namely the lack of sounds and the lack of thoughts. In this case I’m talking about the lack of thoughts.

Many people probably suffer from endless streams of thoughts and trying to silence those is difficult, because the first thing you will probably try is to think that you shouldn’t think, but that’s like flushing away water with water. Instead you must somehow discover a way to let your thoughts slowly disappear on their own.

With a quiet mind comes an increased awareness of things around us and a freedom from worrying or otherwise disturbing thoughts. But somehow (at least for me) the quietness also bothers me on some level, as if my time is better spend doing equally useless things, but that avoid the silence. This is why I think I’m not inclined to do meditation, because it silences the mind for the duration of the meditation.

Do you have any experience with this? How do you feel about silence?


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