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Gender is a socially and culturally created identity. Two very common forms of those are men and women. In a black and white world that is all there would be. Often the gender of men maps directly onto the male sex and the gender of women onto the female sex. This is what some call cisgender, the opposite would be transgender.

The big question is if the transgender approach is the correct one. If one assumes that gender is written in stone then transgender is a valid approach. But gender is and remains a socially and culturally created phenomena, so why not get rid of the binary system altogether?

Some transgender people opt for cosmetic surgery to look more like the opposite sex, in essence appearing more like cisgender people. The question that comes to mind, how many of these people would have simply been happy if they could simply express themselves as they would have liked?

Personally i think that the transgender route is the easy way out, it forces people to fit in boxes rather than getting rid of the boxes altogether, but I also realize that a society that promotes a fluid gender identity isn’t perfect either. Heterosexual mating rituals is one point that deserves attention, but that is for a later post.

Until then, please share your comments on this topic.


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